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About Us

We provide education from class 3 to 12 under the freelancing academic chain across the country. We are the best coaching for PEC, JSC, SSC & HSC.

We are the country first and best academic coaching under shadow education in Bangladesh. Md. Emadul Haque (E. Haque Sir) established it in 1976, and currently, he is the chairperson of this educational organization. E Haque Coaching is mainly operated by E Haque Consultant Firm. We have the largest academic chain throughout the country.800 Teacher, 5000 Students, 110 Courses, 44 Years. PEC, JSC, SSC, HSC are our main focused program.

Md. Emadul Haque (E, Haque Sir)

Chairman and Managing Director

Md. Jahiduj Jaman


M. Anamul Haque Enam


Doing the right thing,
at the right time.





01. Experience

We are in the education industry over four decades and we always assist our students with the development and strengthening of skills that promote resilience, confidence, and self-directed learning. Students will be encouraged to set goals and work towards accomplishing them through participation in a combination of individual coaching, identification, and utilization of resources, and targeted action planning in their school exam and public board exam.

02. Professionalism

We are working as a partnership that focuses on the
process of learning. Together with a professional coach (Teacher and
Management Team), students examine their learning styles, habits of
working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. We provide
education and training that helps a student to prepare their mind and
brain to have easy as well as competitive access their school exam and
public board exam. Together we (coach and student) work to create and
put in place more effective strategies than are the norm. The aim is to
heighten awareness of what it takes to achieve academic success and
anchor this with new strategies, a supportive relationship, and personal

03. Guarantee

To ensure the best quality of education our team is always committed to our student and guardian to provide the best way to learning and achieve the goal despite all cumbersome phenomenon in education which is provided by the traditional way of teaching.

04. Quality

We assure our quality by supporting students by addressing their individual need(s). Often this academic coaching work includes:

  • Test-preparation techniques
  • Test-taking skills
  • Study guide development
  • Key concept identification
  • Test-anxiety
  • Memorization techniques
  • Note-taking rules and more others